Waste management

As part of the sustainability strategy, all Vossloh companies have set themselves the goal of using natural resources responsibly and sparingly. Material consumption and disposal volumes are recorded and monitored in the individual units. The Vossloh units use separate, safe disposal channels for each type of waste. The selected disposal companies are regularly audited. Where technically possible and sensible, closed cycles and reprocessing plants reduce the consumption of valuable new raw materials to a minimum.

Recycling can reduce the need for raw materials and the amount of waste produced. Economically viable recycling programs and processes ensure that the amount of waste ultimately sent to landfill sites at Vossloh is steadily on the decline. Steel scrap and plastic are recycled at all sites. At several sites, Vossloh Fastening Systems is using reusable transport containers. Vossloh Tie Technologies recycles process water on a large scale. Customized Modules in France processes the packaging material from the raw materials delivered.

Downcycling, i.e. the reprocessing of materials without preserving their original quality, is another way to extend the lifecycle of a material. At Vossloh Rail Services, for example, nonreprocessable residue from grinding stones are used as an additive in slag production. This creates new raw materials for a wide range of applications.