Values and leadership

The “One Vossloh“ guiding principle is gathering steam: After focusing on the rail track and incorporating the topic of sustainability into the corporate values and corporate strategy, Vossloh is working on a new self-image for internal and external communication. Three management principles were established at the end of 2021: “We create value for Vossloh“, “We promote continuous improvement“ and “We are close to people“. These value-based guidelines apply not only to management, but to all employees at Vossloh. Defined indicators can be used to transparently check whether decisions are in line with these management principles. The Group-wide training on this topic, which began in the previous year, was systematically continued in 2023, so that by the end of the year all members of the top three management levels had received training on the leadership principles.

The training sessions for the top 100 managers in the Group on the new Group-wide standardized talent and succession process were also completed. Roundtables were held in all units in which the members of the top two management levels carried out evaluations of the workforce in accordance with the new requirements. A total of 93 managers were trained over the course of 2023.

Managers and employees are supported by a blended learning approach consisting of e-learning, training and case studies as part of an exchange of experiences. Annual follow-ups using the People Review Process (PRP) and roundtables are used to check whether both topics are having the intended effect. In the course of 2023, a total of 277 managers were trained on the PRP in a total of 138.5 hours.

The general “rules of the game“ for working at Vossloh are summarized in a Code of Conduct, which each individual employee acknowledges by signing it upon joining the company. The principles of conduct set out in the Code of Conduct are a binding guideline and benchmark for the daily work of all company employees.