Noise reduction on tracks

As in previous years, Vossloh‘s research and development work in 2023 focused on reducing noise in railbound traffic and improving rail acoustics. Because tackling noise at its source is a particularly effective approach, Vossloh is taking steps to optimize the contact between wheel and rail. The company offers suitable products and services in all divisions that can reduce rail noise on a sustainable basis. Examples are the cellentic components and rail fastening systems with a high plastic content that dampen structure-borne noise, the so-called whisper switches and rail machining technologies (grinding, milling) for restoring a smooth and, therefore, quiet surface. The rail and switch maintenance machinery can achieve noise reduction of up to 10 dB(A) by precisely removing material. The machines themselves also operate extremely quietly. For example, the milling machine VTM compact, generates noise measuring less than 78 dB(A) during operation, so that residents are not disturbed even during a night shift. For comparison, on a quiet residential street, the noise level is roughly 40 dB(A); a car going 50 km/h reaches a volume of around 70 dB(A).