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Core Components

Customized Modules

Lifecycle Solutions

Switch Maintenance

Vossloh’s Flexis system enables sensitive switch systems to be subjected to regular inspection, preventive grinding and maintenance. Both the low residual roughness of the track as well as the restored rail profile not only go to ensure operational safety and a longer service life, but also reduce rail-induced noise.

High Performance Milling

Vossloh’s modular “High-Performance Milling (HPM)” technology enables precise rail damage removal and rail reprofiling. The newly dimensioned milling wheel as well as a post-milling tool ensure an improved surface quality of the processed rails and low residual waviness. At a comparably higher speed and with more material removal per working pass, HPM can be adapted to suit all common international profiles and is suitable for both urban and heavy-haul lines.

Track Replacement

Our coordinated track replacement system means all processes – including rail pad replacement, welding, stress equalisation and loading of the worn rails – can be carried out within only a single track closure period. The track replacement system is based on vehicle modules (e.g. the flash-butt welding machine or transportation units for long rails) that perform the entire rail replacement process directly on the track, just like a conveyor belt system.

Long Rails

Using flash-butt welding, Vossloh produces approximately 3,200 km of long rails of up to 180 m in length per year. Special transportation systems and unloading machinery with high loading capacities ensure a fast turnaround at construction sites.