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In order to improve safety, in addition to switch and signalling equipment, Vossloh also offers a wide range of safety products. Supplementing points systems and signalling systems, Vossloh offers manoeuvring systems with a complete range of safety products for all application. Trams, freight transport and passenger transport at low or high speed.

The range is composed of:

  • electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical switch drives, bolted or drivable, which are suitable for national rail networks, urban transport systems or industrial rail networks;
  • track locks for all types of point, with integrated protection of locking and points position
  • position detectors, independently monitoring the correct position of each set of points
  • traffic detectors to detect the passing of a train and its direction (on option), in order to control level crossing gates or to alert a team carrying out work on the track
  • systems for permanently monitoring performance and anticipating maintenance
  • specific solutions developed specially for our customers to their specifications

The integrated manoeuvring system Easyswitch-R developed by the R&D department as a customer order combines the above technologies and is a perfect illustration of the concept of integration. It combines the functions of manoeuvring, locking and monitoring, reduced to the size of a standard sleeper, enabling automatic tamping of the track with no prior preparation. It is the choice of the Swedish national network, particularly for the level of component protection offered by the solution when there are environmental problems (blocks of ice, etc.).

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