Occupational health
and safety

In the year 2022, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic again presented Vossloh with the challenge of protecting the health of its employees and preventing the spread of the virus in the workplace. Coordinated via the COVID-19 crisis team, comprising the chief operating officer, the heads of the Corporate Sustainability, Corporate Human Resources and Corporate Controlling divisions, and the HSE managers of the business units, the comprehensive protective and precautionary measures were maintained and readjusted as necessary. The Group Works Council, local employee representatives and the Work Safety Committee were involved in the decisions. The company‘s employees were informed about the impact of vaccination against the virus. In some cases, units even conducted on-site vaccinations.

Although the course of the disease was typically milder than at the beginning of the pandemic, production workers were still instructed to stay at home and get tested if they suspected they might have the virus. Working time models with a certain amount of remote work were developed for the employees in the administrative areas. These models will be maintained going forward to improve the work-life balance of our employees and foster an encouraging working environment.