Occupational health management

Vossloh’s occupational health management aims to offer all employees preventive healthcare. This includes the occupational safety measures already mentioned, workplace ergonomics, driver safety training and company medical care, as well as making fruit available on a daily basis, nutritional counseling, company sports (including running groups and yoga courses), help quitting smoking, and preventive measures (including colorectal cancer screening, flu vaccinations, health screening and health tips).

The „VFS stays healthy“ initiative was launched at Vossloh Fastening Systems in Werdohl in 2022 with a focus on musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, stress management and nutrition. Employees were given free trials at the local gym, trained for a company run, went on a city bike ride, took part in workshops dealing with mental stress and attended talks on nutrition. In the Customized Modules division, employees have been receiving psychological support as required, thanks to a 24/7 telephone hotline.

In 2022, together with experts from the service provider pme Familienservice GmbH, Vossloh continued to support its employees at its German sites faced with challenging situations in which family members required particularly close attention – from childcare to caring for relatives or personal crises. Vossloh made preparations to introduce a supplementary company health insurance policy as of January 1, 2023 during the period under review. The comprehensive range of benefits is available to employees at every subsidiary in Germany. This includes 300 euros per year covered by their employer which they can use for a variety of medical services.