Integrated management systems

Alongside today’s standard quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, all large Vossloh locations are certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system, or equivalent. The companies are also committed to additional standards and projects, such as an energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

Rail transportation is among the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport – for both local and long-distance transport. Products and services from Vossloh make an important contribution so that the environmentally-friendly movement of people and goods can be both cost effective and safe. The company thus supports rail lines as an attractive mode of transportation.

Because Vossloh achieves a significant part of its sales with products and services that contribute to environmentally sustainable solutions, Vossloh is also appropriate for investors with a sustainability focus. Vossloh has been listed in a number of sustainability indices since 2008. The Vossloh share belongs to oekom research‘s investment universe, and is also part of the Global Challenges Index, which is made up of 50 companies worldwide which promote sustainable development through their product and service portfolios.

Occupational safety and health protection for employee management have the highest priority. All of the major production locations of the Vossloh Group are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 or its successor standard ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). OHSAS 18001 is one of the most important standards for occupational safety management systems, used in more than 80 countries. The Work Safety Committee is a permanent Vossloh body for occupational safety. The Group has created a collective occupational safety policy, which is binding for all companies worldwide. “Zero accidents” – this our vision!

In the course of global business activity, all Vossloh companies are able to manufacture, approve and deliver their products in accordance with the relevant national (rail) standards. This also applies to services.

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Customized Modules QSE policy

Customized Modules QSE policy

Customized Modules’s long term success depends on our capacity to constantly improve the quality of our products and services, while carrying out the safety of our colleagues and protecting our work environment.

We offer our railway products and services worldwide while satisfying the demand of our customers. Whether it's performance, quality, reliability or respect of the environment, we meet the legal requirements in order to preserve our colleagues and the users’ health and safety.

Our skills, motivation and support for the working conditions performance process, as much for health as for safety, allow us to constantly grow and expand to new markets.

The Quality, the Environment and the Health and Safety at work Management Systems, as well as the awareness and on-site training, will allow us to legally satisfy these commitments by constantly improving our results.

Customer expectations

It is essential that Customized Modules has a good knowledge of the users’ expectations which stands for the foundation of our QSE approach. It has become an issue that must be addressed and we often survey our clients in order to measure their satisfaction level and to improve the quality of our products and services.

Customized Modules’s commitment (customer satisfaction, environmental impact, safety, services offer)

We are carrying out the development of an integrated quality, safety and environmental management system. This quality management system introduced in 1995 refers to the most recent requirements of the French standard NF EN ISO 9001 (acknowledgment of the customers’ requirements and expectations ; internal or external process analysis in order to satisfy the client and its goals ; resources allocation ; supervision, measure and analysis of the results ; decision and planning of actions of improvement ; introduction of continuous improvement in order to increase the efficiency of the system).

The goal is to implement the best contractual commitments that govern our activity and the quality of service. Each of our sites undergo audits and certifications, which ensures good quality and progress.. They prove the conformity of our services and commit us in a QSE approach. This approach is officially approved by independent authorities in the respect of national and international requirements.

Being aware of the evolution of the customers’ expectations, in regard to sustainable development, we have introduced an environmental conformity at every level in our organization. We are contributing to a positive image of railway transportation, while assuring priorities and safety for our employees and our customers.

These quality approaches and the environmental certifications contribute to developing railway transportation and long-lasting improvement of the settings and life conditions. It has the virtue of formalizing and allows environmental consideration which translates the will of Customized Modules to assume the responsibility of its decisions and activities on society and on environment.

All these commitments taken in order to improve the quality of service, added to the development of our offers, contributed to an appreciable growth of the activity of our group.

Quality deployment

The quality of our products and services presupposes a dedicated organization and a consequent investment in resources, in human means and in time which implies to mobilize and to federate all the protagonists on a culture of service.

Since 1995, Customized Modules has developed true managerial tools of ongoing quality management. Not only do we measure the customer’s satisfaction but we also internally invest in training to the quality of service.

Getting a certification, a quality label or winning a price, recognizes the quality of service in our staff. This dynamic is developed by the elaborate challenges in terms of internal quality and the progression of the results on several years, which encourages the group to continual exceed quality expectations.

Quality measurement and improvement

By capitalizing on our customers’ field experience, we are setting up procedures in order to improve the conception of the products and the quality of the services. However, as user expectations and environments evolve, Customized Modules is aware that nothing is never established in terms of quality.

That is why, quality is integrated in the beginning of the conception of the product or service and is continuously improved.

For every contract, we make a survey to measure the customer’s satisfaction. Answers are analyzed internally and a report is sent to the customer. Consequently to this report, the concerned departments carry on the necessary actions to improve the process.

Ongoing improvement is based on a factual data analysis concerning the Customized Modules customers’ satisfaction but also on the optimization of the industrial organization and of the Quality Management System efficiency.

ISO Management systems
Vossloh Cogifer SA's greenhouse gas emissions balance sheet

Energy and climate issues have become a central concern for Vossloh Cogifer. Indeed, our consumption of (and dependency on) fossil fuels makes our company very vulnerable to rises in energy costs. Moreover, our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – largely due to our consumption of fossil fuels – continue to increase despite the planetary awareness of climate change. Europe aims to reduce its GHG emissions by 20 percent (compared to 1990 levels) and to improve its energetic efficiency by 20 percent from now to 2020. To comply with the so-called "Grenelle" laws, Vossloh Cogifer is turning to Sustainable Development. The "Grenelle II" law requires all companies with more than 500 employees to have their greenhouse gas emissions evaluated. Discover the Vossloh Cogifer GHG report including the detailed results of our three industrial sites and headquarters, as well as the action plan for reducing these emissions.

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